Ripe is a collection of four artist’s books (an abecedarian, a coloring book, a diary, and a book of poetry) and an installation. It is a coming of age story that follows a young girl transitioning into womanhood as she deals with her sexual maturation, her preteen sexual curiosities, her changing body, and the dysfunctional relationship of her parents. Ripe asks readers/viewers: How can a young girl negotiate her sexuality when she does not have positive role models and when she views sex negatively? How can she smoothly transition into womanhood when there is so much working against her? Can she still become a healthy and empowered woman? Years later can she return to these buried matters and find peace and gain power from them? Even if they are still not fully resolved? Ripe is a cultural and personal investigation of this bewildering and often disquieting liminal space.  

2010, Ripe collection, silkscreened wallpaper, flocked furniture upholstered in silkscreened fabric, artist’s books